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CNMAA, Inc. reserves the right to remove any member from our Association Database based on unethical actions (spamming members, impersonating member login, etc.) within the Cuong Nhu website. We reserve the right to seek all remedies available at law and in equity for violations of these Terms of Use, including but not limited to the right to block access with login credentials to our website and its features.

If you are a member prior to the upgraded website, your Login would be your same UserID [numeric value, INCLUDE leading zeroes ie, '0001'] from the prior Mysite login. Your password is the same, assuming it is at least 4 characters long. If not, then you will need to request a new password ['forgot my password' link], which will go to your email address on file.

If you are a new Cuong Nhu member registering for the first time, please Add all your information in the membership section (Pay Dues). You may create any Username (recommend at least 4 characters), Password (must be at least 4 characters), and Display name (only visible in the MySite Profile section). The username should not have spaces, as we recommend either numeric starting with the 4-digit Year of Registration or firstletter-lastname (ie, QNgo). This is what you will use to log into Mysite, so should be easy to remember. ONLY Active members (who have paid dues for current year and Lifetime members) may have access to the MySite section of website (Forms, Curriculum, Katas, Dragon Nhus, etc.). Annual Dues expire 365 days from when payment is first received in the new CN website process.

The email address we have on file is what came across in the import of records into the new upgraded site. Please make sure that once you login, you go to your profile and update email or any other details that you may want to add to your profile.

If you are a FAMILY membership (Annual or Lifetime), you should put an email address of the adult/primary contact for all the family members. An email address is important, so at least one email address for multiple family members. Only one email will be sent per unique address, so no need to worry about multiple emails being received for a family.

Sensei Gordon Eilen has created an online manual for Cuong Nhu.

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