Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Cuong Nhu

Founded in 1965 by Grandmaster Ngo Dong

Cuong Nhu Martial Arts Association is a federally recognized non-profit educational organization. Cuong Nhu is a martial art that blends the basic elements of a number of different styles. Cuong Nhu has its roots in Shotokan Karate and combines aspects of Aikido, Judo, Wing Chun, Vovinam, Tai Chi Chuan, and Boxing. It is this blending of hard and soft styles from which Cuong Nhu (pronounced Kung New) derives its name, which is Vietnamese for Hard (Cuong) - Soft (Nhu). Cuong Nhu was brought to the United States in 1971, when Grandmaster Ngo Dong came to the University of Florida to earn his Ph.D. While there he founded the Cuong Nhu Karate Club. This club quickly grew into the largest intramural club on campus, with over two hundred students participating. Another school, the Center, was then established in Gainesville to serve people of all ages outside the university community.

Grandmaster Quynh Ngo
Head of Cuong Nhu

The headquarters of the style was originally relocated to Gainesville Florida in 1977, following a daring escape from Vietnam by Ngo Dong and his family. Many of the early students from these schools went on to establish their own Cuong Nhu dojos after leaving Gainesville, thus spreading the style all over the United States and around the world. Grandmaster Ngo Dong was succeeded by his son, Grandmaster Quynh Ngo as the Head of Cuong Nhu Martial Arts.The Cuong Nhu World headquarters is now permanently located in Jacksonville, Florida.



Cuong Nhu Belt Ranks

The Cuong Nhu colored belts and stripes denote the level and accomplishments of the wearer. According to tradition, the progression of belt colors represents the life cycle of a TREE.
White Belt

White Belt

One Green Stripe

Two Green Stripes

Green Belt

Green Belt

One Brown Stripe

Two Brown Stripes

Brown Belt

Brown Belt

One Black Stripe

Two Black Stripes

Black Belt

Black Belt



Cuong Nhu Org Chart of Rokudan and above Rank
The Board
John Burns, Head of Cuong Nhu
Allen Hoss, President
W: 404-217-7291
Jessica Ngo, Executive Director
W: 904-737-7094

Danny Pietrodangelo, Dragon Nhus Editor