Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

  • If you miss a class, let your instructor know before or after so that you can determine what you have missed.
  • Salute (bow to) the head instructor if you arrive late or leave early.
  • Bowing is not for worship or debasement, but is an indication of respect or trust, much like the handshake in Western culture.
  • Bow upon entering or leaving the dojo.
  • When partnering up with other students, bow to each other before and after working together.
  • Pay attention to your class and instructor. This is often hard to do when another group is doing something fun or interesting!
  • Unless given permission by your sensei, do not teach techniques to other students, regardless of how well you believe you know them. This prevents students from learning things and having to relearn them. If someone needs help, refer them to an instructor.
  • If a student is injured, notify an instructor immediately.
  • Do not walk through another class. Always go around.
  • Remove all jewelry and trim nails before class.
  • Free sparring is permitted only under an instructor's supervision.
  • Don't stand with arms crossed or hands on hips. Also, don't lean on the walls.
  • When adjusting or retying any part of your uniform, turn to the left of whichever direction the class is facing.
  • Always ask before handling anyone's weapons or other equipment.
  • Line up in order of rank, with those of higher rank furthest to the left and furthest towards the front. If two people are of the same rank, whoever started first is considered higher.
  • If you are unsure who is the higher rank, always assume you are the lower.
  • No gum chewing, no food and no drinks allowed on the workout floor. No shoes ( unless approved by the instructor) allowed on the floor. Longhair needs to be contained in a pony- tail or braid.
  • Rank isn't always an accurate measure of ability, wisdom, or power. It is mainly a convenient way to keep track of which things a student has been taught. It is never something a student should feel intimidated by. Teachers are students as well: we all learn from one another.