Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

  • Awareness
  • Alertness
  • Avoidance
  • Anticipation
  • Action
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

AWARENESS is key to self defense, without it the ability to defend ourselves is wasted, ALERTNESS is a heightened state of awareness. Do you know the difference between aware and alert? Being aware and alert will allow you to AVOID or ANTICIPATE any situation before it is too late and gives you the opportunity to use the proper ACTION. The student through daily dedicated practice can trust their instinct and act with the correct response.

  • Right Perspective
  • Right Time
  • Right Place
  • Right Technique
  • Run
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

Having the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE means to have a clear and open mind. This allows you to trust your instinct and your action will be at the RIGHT TIME. If your action is to use martial arts techniques, you must be in the RIGHT PLACE, like stepping to the side of an attack, and deliver the RIGHT TECHNIQUE, not trying to do something impractical, and hopefully allow you the opportunity to RUN and save your life.

  • Wrong Perspective
  • Wrong Time
  • Wrong Time
  • Wrong Time
  • Wrong Time
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

To leave your home after a fight is to go out with the WRONG PERSPECTIVE. You end up on the streets late at night, heading somewhere at the WRONG TIME and end up at the WRONG PLACE like a bar and hang out with the WRONG PEOPLE, strangers who are drinking, and you use the WRONG TECHNIQUE by not recognizing the fact that four of the five Ws are in place and you don't leave the situation. This is a setup for a rough time.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Soul
  • Chi
Explaination By Allyson Appen - Tuyet Tan Dojo

MIND: The mind is a very important source of power. You may have a lot of body strength, but if you doubt your ability, then you will have a hard time achieving your goal. Your positive attitude and belief that you can accomplish your goal will help you to realize it. "Mind over matter" or "Accomplishing the goal by a force of will" are some phrases that describe the power of the mind.

SPIRIT:BODY: Your body is an obvious source of power and strength. You can become stronger through body conditioning, weight training, and stamina-oriented exercises.

SPIRIT: "The power of a positive attitude" refers to one's spirit. If you approach things with enthusiasm and focus, you can accomplish many goals. You can also share your good spirit with others and better develop teamwork. Even when things are not going well, a strong spirit can help one overcome many obstacles.

SOUL: The soul is the very private and personal essence of one's being. While the spirit is an outward expression of power and energy, the soul is an internal source of strength. Your ethics and system of principles lie within your soul, and by making decisions and facing challenges from your center of good principles, you can feel confident that you are taking the best path for you. "A kind heart" makes reference to that person's soul and inner being.

KI: Ki, Chi, and Qi refer to one's internal energy. By concentrating and focusing on relaxing the body and "flowing" the ki, one can express power greater than "normal" body strength. This expression of power is demonstrated by "superhuman" acts, such as lifting a car that has rolled onto someone.

Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo


The five sources of power begin with the MIND. Without the mind, everything else is without source. When the mind is in proper perspective the BODY will have its opportunity to flourish. With the body growing strong the SPIRIT manifest itself in inspiring outward behavior which is easy to observe in anyone with great spirit. To affect the SOUL is a searching process that comes with time and repetition (wisdom), this is manifest in mature behavior and understanding of others. KI allows one to flow with energy from within the center of the person, and share this energy with others.
  • Perspective
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Pride in Accomplishment
  • Practice Until Perfect
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

When you have an idea or vision of the future and formulate a plan towards that, you have a PERSPECTIVE. Any plan or vision is going to take work and time and the most important thing to have is PATIENCE. Without patience, there is no chance of follow through. To practice or work at anything worthwhile will take a measure of patience to move on in the task and PRESERVERE. To perservere is to have an accomplishment to some degree, and it is important to recognize the importance of that accomplishment and have pride in it. PRIDE IN YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENT is key to future projects and visions because sometimes we're dissatisfied or embarrassed by our work or feel it should of been better. So next time it will be better and better because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.

Explanation By Johnny Beldin-Quinones - Shuhari Dojo

Here's my PERSPECTIVE: I have an answer, hidden somewhere in my mind and I have to find it, PATIENTLY... Whether or not the answer is right, I must PERSERVERE, one way or another, because the battles I face with myself to overcome fear and ignorance are the evolution of my soul, and because I am PROUD of my love, I do believe PRACTICING MY LOVE IS PERFECTION.

  • Reduce
  • Relax
  • Reach Out
  • Re-Evaluate
  • Remember
Explanation By David Hayman - Shuhari Dojo

Self awareness is critical to preventing and curing injuries. Only you can feel what your body is telling you. When you realize that your body is injured, you need to REDUCE or stop the activity causing the pain.

If you tell your doctor "it hurts when I do this", many times the doctor will say "don't do that" and send you home to rest your injury. While you should heed your doctor's advice, if you've been bitten by the martial arts bug, taking time off may not sit that well with you (pardon the pun). No work out = freak out. You need to RELAX. A little time off is not going to kill you, and if you injure yourself worse, then you'll have to take more time off than if you had just rested the original injury.

To rest your injury doesn't mean you have skip class and sit at home watching Oprah. It's time to REACH OUT for some creative solutions to your dilema. If you injured your leg, maybe it's time to work on Wing Chun, hand combos, chi sao, etc. Maybe you could just sit in the dojo and observe your class, you'd be amazed by what you learn. Maybe (for higher ranks) you could help teach the beginners or kids class. Other alternatives may include physical therapy/weight training, herbs, chiropractors, oriental medicine, etc. Ultimately, you stand a good chance of having gained a deeper understanding of whatever it is that you reached out for than if you had just hung out with Oprah.

After your injury heals, you should RE-EVALUATE what caused your injury (e.g., didn't stretch properly, tried a technique beyond your level, goofing off, etc.) and REMEMBER to avoid it in the future.

Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

When you first get a strain or injury it is most important that you REDUCE, which basically means stop working out. If you work out on a regular schedule and suddenly you have to reduce that workout, you'll probably start to freak out, so its necessary to RELAX and allow the healing process to begin. At this point in time it is best to get help, like see a doctor or read up on your injury, so you REACH OUT and get the help you need to come back strong. When your coming back take a look at what got you injured in the first place and RE-EVALUATE your workout, see if you can avoid doing the same thing that got you injured the last time and REMEMBER so that you will avoid the same situation and not make the same mistake twice.

  • Think Simpler
  • Think Faster
  • Think Better
  • Think Deeper
  • Think Wiser
  • Control Area (awareness)
  • Control Yourself (fear, anger)
  • Control Attackers (strategy)
  • Control the Situation
  • Control Consequences
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Bigoted Bull
  • Cardiovascular Carelessness
  • Drug Dependency
  • Excessive Ego
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Concrete
  • Consultative (2-way)
  • Composed
  • Vague
  • Verbose
  • Variable
  • Vacant
  • Vituperative
  • Communication
  • Education
  • Application / Action
  • CDelegation
  • Production
  • BehaVE (Be Courteouos and Respectful)
  • BelieVE (In yourself and spouse/friends)
  • LoVE (each other unconditionally)
  • ForgiVE (to LIve in Harmony and Peace)
  • RecieVE (God's Blessing/Love from everybody)
  • Physically we train together
  • Socially we eat and live together
  • Mentally and intellectually we think together
  • Spiritually and soulfully we learn, share, and grow together
  • Culturally and "Ki" fully we enjoy being together and flow in harmony
  • Don't Ridicule Any Student
  • Don't Make Discriminatory Remarks
  • Don't Push Students Excessively
  • Don't Show Favoritism
  • Don't Lose Your Composure
  • Direction
  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Dedication
  • Do it till you die
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

Any idea or vision must start with DIRECTION in the mind, a person must be able to see and visualize where or what it is they are looking for. Every event takes time and DISCIPLINE, which enables a person to develop themselves and the vision.This in turn develops a strong DETERMINATION to continue and follow through on the commitment and develop a lifelong DEDICATION. A lifelong dedication will instill this vision into the younger generations so they too will see the vision, so you DO IT TILL YOU DIE!

  • Relaxation
  • Respiration
  • Renew/Rejuvenation
  • Reflection
  • Realization
  • Fortify Your Body
  • Find Your Way
  • Fly Your Spirit
  • Feed Your Soul
  • Flow Your Ki
  • Think Right
  • Eat Right
  • Exercise Right
  • Rest Right
  • Perform Right
  • Assertive
  • Communicative
  • Active/Positive (A/P)
  • Innovative/Creative (I/C)
  • Meditative
  • Possessive
  • Submissive
  • Obsessive / Compulsive
  • Oppressive / Divisive
  • Abrasive / Corrosive
  • Fun
  • Friendship
  • Focus
  • Fly Your Spirit
  • Finish Your Goal
  • Living
  • Giving
  • Caring
  • Sharing
  • Loving
  • Safety
  • Slowness
  • Self-Awareness
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Expertise
  • Eagerness
  • Enthusiasm
  • Enhancement
  • Enamor
  • Nobody
  • Learner
  • Worker
  • Fighter
  • Achiever
  • Winner
  • Teacher
  • Leader
  • Thinker
  • Philosopher
Explanation By Robert First - Wolfpack Dojo

Every learning process starts as a clean slate, an empty cup. A NOBODY begins by being a LEARNER. Any learning process takes time and hard work, thus one becomes a WORKER. When you work at something and really want it you will fight for it, evolving into a FIGHTER and when you fight for something you will be an ACHIEVER by definition, and to achieve is to be a WINNER. When you're a winner you teach others to win also and you evolve into a TEACHER. A good teacher will naturally be a LEADER and blaze the path for others. A leader must plan and understand therefore becoming a THINKER and in essence a thinker begins to understand with more depth and understanding without ego,thus evolving into a PHILOSOPHER which is like evolving the ego from a liquid state to a gas,which can take on all shapes and situations. This egoless state is enlightenment, "the greatest person is NOBODY".

  • Angry
  • Fearful
  • Tense
  • Hurried
  • Waste energy
  • Overconfident
  • Distracted
  • Pre-conceived ideas
  • Discouraged if you lose
  • Afraid of losing
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Assertiveness
  • Openness
  • Fairness
  • Directness
  • Oneness
  • Togetherness
  • Forgiveness
  • Creativeness
  • Commitment
  • Coaching
  • Consistency
  • Courage
  • Conditioning
  • Camaraderie
  • Concentration
  • Communication
  • Competition with yourself
  • Control over Your Body
  • Communications
  • Simplification
  • Explanation
  • Demonstration
  • Repetition
  • Correction
  • Creation
  • Interrelation
  • Reflection
  • Motivation
  • Evaluation
  • Dedication