Cuong Nhu Martial Arts

Dan Testing Policy (Black Belt and Above)
  1. A committee of three (3) qualified instructors will be able to test up to 2-degrees under the rank of of the highest ranking instructor, with at least one Sandan on the committee.
    • 1 Rokudan can promote all ranks up to Yondan alone.
    • 2 Rokudans can promote to Godan with GM Quynh's approval.
    • 1 Godan can promote up to Nidan alone.
    • 1 Godan & 2 Yondans can promote up to Sandan.
    • 1 Yondan can promote up to Shodan alone.
    • 1 Yondan & 2 Sandans can promote up to Nidan.
    • 1 Sandan & 2 Nidans can promote to Black Belt.
    • Nidan instructors can serve on testing panels giving black belt tests, provided there is at least one Sandan on the panel.
    • Shodan instructors cannot give dan test
  2. Testers should be from schools other than the candidate's school.
  3. Each region should hold no more than 2-3 black belt/dan tests per year.